Hymns and Psalms for 2017

Hymns and Psalms for 2017 Learn the Psalms Format – Year One This year we begin a new five-year cycle of the “learn the Psalms format,” designed to familiarize congregations …

The Keys to a Long-Term Ministry

The Apostle Paul tells Timothy to “remain” in Ephesus. He doesn’t say how long he is to do so. Yet something is to be gained by staying put. The Apostle doesn’t elaborate. Perhaps we can begin to provide some clues. We believe in long-term ministry and would like to identify several keys to achieving one.

The Ebb & Flow of Lectio Continua Bible Reading

Sometime in the school year of 1977-78 I attended a Sunday evening service at St. Mary’s Redcliffe, in Bristol, England. The church has had a long and varied history, including some notoriety for having once refused to allow George Whitefield to preach within its walls, though later, they reconsidered and received him with great effect. The church was built before Columbus sailed and was a beautiful, spacious place in which to conduct a worship service.