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Improving Our Baptism

Paedobaptisms have lost the solemnity characteristic of previous generations and have devolved into a “Precious Moments” ritual.

Calvinistic Child-Rearing

Ironically, the happiest of children are those accustomed to hearing the parental “no.” The fussy, whiney, miserable child has too many options and not enough maturity to make choices.

The Christian Use of Visual Art in Worship Today

This use of visual media is unprecedented in the Reformed tradition. The pressure to join the trends is considerable and begs a reexamination of the biblical and historical data and the formulation of guidelines designed for our times.

Learning and Loving the Trinity Psalter

Learning and Loving the Trinity Psalter by Terry L. Johnson Among the many ambitions that the creators of the Trinity Psalter have for their work is that the tunes recommended become known and beloved. While substitutions are possible, it is…