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The Ebb & Flow of Lectio Continua Bible Reading

Sometime in the school year of 1977-78 I attended a Sunday evening service at St. Mary’s Redcliffe, in Bristol, England. The church has had a long and varied history, including some notoriety for having once refused to allow George Whitefield to preach within its walls, though later, they reconsidered and received him with great effect. The church was built before Columbus sailed and was a beautiful, spacious place in which to conduct a worship service.

When Grace Comes Home

How the Doctrines of Grace Change Your Life How does Calvinism affect the way you view – worship, humility, adversity, outlook, evangelism, holiness, assurance, liberty, prayer, guidance and living faith? Terry Johnson illuminates the practical implications of Calvinism and how…

Core Values for Reformed Church Planting

Our vision for the church is both biblical and Presbyterian. It is consistent with the best of our historic church life and with our Christ-mandated mission. As we seek to plant churches that are growing, vibrant, reflections of a full-orbed biblical faith, these Acore values” will assist us in determining if we are on track.

The Family Worship Book

A Resource Book for Family Devotions Amidst the distractions of our busy lives, sometimes we forget that “the family that prays together stays together.” Johnson’s guide shows you why household devotions are important and how to get started. Sample outlines…

Leading in Worship

Having become disillusioned with the shallowness, incoherence, and mancenteredness of mainstream contemporary Christian worship, a growing number of ministers and laypeople within the Protestant Church are beginning to recover the biblical roots of traditional Reformed worship. If you count yourself…